Canadian producer Pat Lok has been quite a regular on the site over the last few years and it was really exciting to hear recently that he was releasing his debut album.

That album has since been released, it’s called ‘Hold On Let Go’ and it features a generous 13-track collection of super infectious soulful-dance tunes that are going to soundtrack many summer-time shenanigans.

“Most of this record was written on tour… I think it reflects that exciting, unpredictable time. My only goal was to write music that would move me and I think that there’s something on this album for everyone.” – Pat Lok

I’d also like to do a shout-out to the album’s cast of guest vocalists mar|co, Claire RidgelyClaire MortifeeKye SonesOktavian and DiRTY RADiO.

‘Hold On Let Go’ is out now on Kitsune.

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