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ODESZA has released a rather cinematic video to their profound track ‘Line Of Sight’, which it is a sci-fi short film of sorts. There’s a deep and underlying message to this Daniel Brown directed video, which shows a young boy (Sage Weigang) setting off on an adventure into the jungle searching for something more. In a world filled with nature it is contrastingly filled with technology, or robots in this case. The boy befriends a robot (Niklas Bardor) and shows him the beauty of life and Mother Nature. In a way, the boy tries to unveil the robot’s heart however, fails to do so in one way. In a beautiful turn of events, the robot feels remorse for his violent actions and as such returns to the boy. There are many layers to this metaphor, but I think the video’s ending and final frame is a powerful image. It shows the boy overlooking the treetops at what is beyond. To me, this reignites hope and charges the fire in the belly to keep on dreaming and aspiring for things beyond our reach. Catch ODESZA on tour as they head to our shores later in the year for their “A Moment Apart Tour”, with Running Touch and The Kite String Tangle on support.

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  author: Kara Bertoncini

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