Australian producer Tabrill has returned this week with a glorious electro-atmospheric track called ‘Sans’, which has such a refreshing quality that leaves you feeling like you’ve just had a rinse under a waterfall somewhere out in the wilderness.

“This is the first single in which I’m branching away from the generic ‘faceless producer’ cliché, and more towards a story-driven project focusing on the Tabrill universe, more specifically, Owun; the very first Tabrill unit.” – Tabrill

What are Tabrill units you ask?

“The Tabrill units are a secret government robot-human hybrid/weapon. The stories of Owun will be cryptically explained through a combination of music, artworks and animations over the coming years to create a deep universe and history for those who wish to seek it out. This track in particular deals with Owun rejecting his humanity for the first time, which is symbolised by him literally ripping his face off.” – Tabrill 

Let’s all get cashed-up with our very own Tabrill units by giving ‘Sans’ a few good spins.

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‘Sans’ is now available on Spotify & iTunes.

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