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The kween Nina Las Vegas is back! F*&k yesssss!!!!! In collaboration with Swick comes a banging new track, ‘Deserts’. I actually caught the last half of this when it premiered on triple j the other night, but I knew without even being told that this was fresh Nina Las Vegas material. It has everything we know and love about the Nina Las Vegas sound except, hold up – is that you singing girl?! Get it!! This is a seriously froth-worthy track that will have you cutting shapes on the d-floor or in the comfort of your own home. “‘Deserts’ incorporates what I love about making club music; cool sounds, unexpected leads and double time drop. However this time I’m singing on it too! I’m super proud of this one,” she said. Geez those drops are tasty. This is one to have on your weekend hype playlist. Love ya work Ms Las Vegas!

‘Deserts’ is out now on NLV Records.

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author: Kara Bertoncini

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