These guys are so freakin’ weird! I love it, but I’m not quite sure what I just watched?

Swedish psych-pop group Little Dragon love a good acid trip video, and considering I’ve never done acid, I’m just gonna take their video portrayal as Bible.

I legit wanna be a fly on the wall at their video brainstorming sessions to hear what ideas are thrown around, and how they get to the final concept. Bizarre!

I liken this Ossian Melin directed video for ‘Celebrate’ to an R18+ Bee Gees themed birthday party complete with a crafty piñata that bleeds green paint. If you’re up at 2am watching Rage this is definitely what’s on your TV screen, and when it gets to the topless guitar shredding at the end; it’s probably best you switch off and head to bed.

This is a video to warp out to for sure.

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author: Kara Bertoncini

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