Alt-pop electronica never sounded so good thanks to Danish songwriter and producer GOSS. His five-track debut EP Healthcare is a glorious exploration into a somewhat mysterious persona, but by golly is this a catchy body of work.

Since dropping a few tracks in the lead up to the EP’s release, GOSS has been racking up the SoundCloud plays marking this as a strong entrance into the music industry.

The overall vibe is a cohesive and interesting mix of digital samples with an edgy array of synth beats and productions. There’s a real soulful Justin Timberlake-esque sound to GOSS’s vocals which flourish nicely against the often times staccato rhythms.

I found that GOSS tends to sing about issues that are very relatable, which in turn allows him to draw a deeper connection with his audience. His unique style and vision come through each of the tracks, but is beautifully highlighted in contrasting tracks ‘Soo Bad?’ and ‘Ijotwiyda’.

‘Soo Bad’ really showcases the alt-pop aesthetic for GOSS while ‘Ijotwiyda’ is a jazz ballad with a simple piano melody and flickers of quick-fire beats. This is definitely my favourite track off the EP.

‘Time’ most certainly pulls at the heartstrings but the juicy productions and playful rhythms show a seasoned side to his work. The poppiest track off all however is ‘I Want To Know?????’ which shows the development of more percussive sounds; very fun indeed.

Closing the EP is ‘Waterfall’, a dreamy pop tune that’ll keep you feeling upbeat and hit play on the whole EP again.

It’d be great to start seeing GOSS hit festival line-ups in the near future because I can really imagine his live performances being energetic and engaging. If his music is as conceptual as this EP, his shows will no doubt translate to a live setting.

Rating: ★★★

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author: Kara Bertoncini

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