The latest album from Portuguese producer Xinobi titled ‘On The Quiet’ provides an interesting mix between club and chill sessions, with a unique take on melodic structure and composition that appeals to a diverse range of audiences.

From the beginning of the album, ‘Skateboarding’ draws comparisons to Daft Punk’s ‘Giorgio by Moroder’. ‘Skateboarding’ begins through a rising synthetic arpeggio that is supported by a driving rhythm through the hats and varying electronic elements in the background, and a commentary which almost acts a bridge for the track. Once the commentary leads concludes, we are reintroduced to buzzing synths coupled with bright electronic piano that is a fitting ending to a brooding introduction.

‘Gili Meno’ appears to lead into a relaxed direction at first but takes a quick shift around the 30 second mark and becomes a quite emphatic EDM track that is likened to Bob Moses. The song is centred around a vigorous bassline, which is heightened through an echoed vocal and a thumping kick that bleeds through and provides that little bit of extra force and emphasis.

‘See Me’ takes the mantle as the longest duration on the album at just over 7-minutes, but this track does anything but drag on. There is a constant change creeping through with key changes rising at the rear of the song, as well as carefully placed commentary that almost acts as a ‘strategic buffer’ in between these transformations. The intensity rises through a penetrating gated rise at the finale of the commentary, where the kick steps away from the four to the floor movement with the clear intention of empowering the overall nature of the ending.

‘On The Quiet’ achieves a significant amount of noise throughout the album through a mastery of both the relaxed and driving realms of EDM.

Rating: ★★★☆

‘On The Quiet’ is out now through Discotexas.

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author: Chris Salce

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