It’s not every day you get to watch and listen to a modern day R&B opera, but Bristol based artist Javeon has released a short film titled ‘Mercy’ which embodies just that.

The nine-minute long film features three new tracks off his ‘Show Me Something EP’ and is the perfect depiction of music and action.

The film works in flashbacks opening with a highly traumatic car accident seeing lead actress Katy Sage escape unharmed. As the storyline develops, we learn of the events leading up to this horrific moment, starting right back at her wedding. Javeon coins ‘Mercy’ as “an epic and surreal story of love, betrayal and roadside revenge.”

This is such a unique way to showcase an artist’s creative mind and music and I love that this is just the beginning. In fact, “the characters that populate the film are prototypes for a future feature currently in development, written and directed by young Anglo-Swiss Director Ben Strebel.”

It’s clear that Strebel is just as passionate about this kind of work as I am. He says, “it’s exciting to bring together this material with Javeon’s new tunes. The music perfectly maps the progression of the characters, both their inner traumas and paranoia’s, and the environments that shape them. It’s a story of lost love and raw pain, with the epic sweep of an operatic production.”

The music itself speaks to me on many levels. This is R&B electronica at its best and I urge you to listen to the EP as whole by itself. It’s funny how this way can conjure up images in your mind that are completely contrasting to the short film. But that’s the beauty of music isn’t it.

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author: Kara Bertoncini