words by Jez Ryan

There’s no doubt about it, trying to decide on your TOP 10 ALBUMS of any year is always going to be a tough task, but in 2016 we were bombarded with so many really great albums (not complaining at all), which has just made the entire process way more difficult than usual.

Thankfully my Spotify ‘Album’ favourites list gave me a rundown on all of the records that I’ve been smashing this year, so that part was kind of easy. The toughest part of the entire process for me was deciding on that number one spot – Roosevelt or Junior Boys??

Both albums make me feel all kinds of awesome things every time I listen to them, and I love pretty much every track on both of them as well, but in the end Roosevelt just scraped in my a nose-hair, and my final reasoning there was that it always makes me happy, no matter where I am or what frame of mind I am in. Just happy.

1. Roosevelt – Roosevelt

2. Junior Boys – Big Black Coat

3. Golden Vessel – Before Sleep EP

4. Breakbot – Still Waters

5. Classixx – Faraway Reach

6. Bibio – A Mineral Love

7. RY X – Dawn

8. Delorean – Muzik

9. M83 – Junk

10. Yeasayer – Amen & Goodbye

Honourable Mentions:
11. Back Back Forward Punch – Tragic Lover EP
12. Benji Lewis – Hearts & Halos EP
13. Gold Panda – Good Luck And Do Your Best
14. Beacon – Escapements
15. Bon Iver – 22 A Million
16. Tourist – U
17. ZHU – Generationwhy
18. Justice – Woman
19. James Blake – The Colour In Anything
20. Flume – Skin

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