In a time where the world so desperately longed for a female voice of empowerment, it comes as no surprise that a series of photographic and video works entitled ‘Her Sound, Her Story’ have become the sounding board for so many.

Carefully curated by renowned music photographer Michelle Grace Hunder and co-collaborated with filmmaker Claudia Sangiorni Dalimore, comes an exhibition that contributes to the wider conversation of females in the music industry, while celebrating and inspiring the next generation.

To kick off Melbourne Music Week ‘Her Sound, Her Story’ brought together a strong line-up of women who put on one hell of a show last Friday night. It was pretty much a live Like A Version with each artist singing a few of their own songs and a cover. #MeLikey

The one-night only concert featured artists NYNE, Mojo Juju, Elizabeth Rose, Airling, Ela Hooper, Mama Kin, Vera Blue, Montaigne, Julia Stone, Ecca Vandal and surprise guest Sampa The Great.

These diverse voices and personalities really highlighted the scope of incredible music and artistry we have in this country, with each of the queens holding their own. As each artist came to the stage and charmed us with their talents, the common thing that kept being mentioned was how amazing the vibe was to be surrounded by all these outstanding women.

We couldn’t agree more. This concert and its complimenting exhibition gives such encouragement to young female artists out there, and reaffirms just how important it is for one’s voice to be heard.

The inspiring and free photographic portrait series features over 40 of the country’s most respected and renowned female artists, and can be viewed at the Emporium (near Espresso on the ground floor) as part of Melbourne Music Week until November 24.

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Rating: ★★★★★

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author: Kara Bertoncini
photos by: B Ridge Hussle