Just a few weeks ago we were all treated to the amazing sounds of ‘Viet Rose’, the new ep from Australian artist LANKS, which is still making the rounds on our rotation playlists over here at acid stag HQ.

This week we get deep and personal with Will Cuming, aka LANKS, as we ask him where his love for music began…

“Whilst not strictly being in CD format, the first collection of record music I remember listening to a lot was when I was a very young kid and I borrowed (and never returned) a full collection of The Beatles works on cassette, owned by my grandparents. There were something like 10 cassettes I think, and my sister and I would listen relentlessly until one of us invariably left each one as a squiggly mess of black tape.

The Beatles were so masterful with melody and together with some incredibly musical maturity and arranging skills from George Martin, they created some of the most iconic recordings of the 20th century, capturing moods and painting images in my young mind that are still stuck there. I didn’t have anyone telling me that I needed to listen to The Beatles, I wasn’t really aware of the greatness of their success, they just sounded so good to my ears. I would spend car trips and late nights quietly in my room searching for my next favourite song in the cassette collection. Eleanor Rigby, Ticket to Ride, Help, I Saw Her Standing There, Norwegian Wood, Lady Madonna, and the one that has remained my favourite to this day, You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away.” – LANKS

Go check out LANKS‘ new ‘Viet Rose EP’ on Spotify, and then be sure to memorize his Australian tour dates for this December so that you don’t miss out on anything!


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