Sydney-based musician Nick Pes has a great new synth-pop tune to share with us this week called ‘Sunsets’, which comes accompanied by a viscerally sombre Josh Harris directed music video that was inspired by cult sci-fi and Neo Noir films, and explores the challenges that modern and future relationships face.

“The thing about a sunset is that one happens every single day, some more amazing than others, but daily nonetheless – but if you allow yourself to experience it can feel like the most beautiful and important moment in the world. There’s a sadness because it’s an ending but it also marks a beginning. You can’t stop it from happening so you just have to go with it.” – Nick Pes

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You can can your mitts on a copy of ‘Sunsets’ now through iTunes or Spotify, and for a limited time you can also get a free download via Nick’s Soundcloud.

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