words by Tim Philippe

Follow the neon down the alleyway and you’ll discover Hugs & Kisses. This petit nightspot feels like a house party that stocks all your favourite drinks and with a bandroom/dance-floor to match, Lastlings felt right at home.

Dressed all in black and oozing a confidence beyond their years, the duo stepped up to the plate. With a grin, Amy (singer) thanked the crowd for coming and they begin to play. The room was awash with blissful synth soundscapes and echo beats, but the true beauty is Amy’s ethereal vocal.

Joshua builds a world for Amy’s voice to soar. On ‘Wavelength’ they construct a slow moving void and Amy hits her high notes with passion and grace. The crowd sways together as though hypnotized by the two of them. “We just make it in our bedrooms and then play it for you guys”, Joshua casually exclaims.

‘Stranger To You’ was more pulsating and Amy let her voice run a little, which worked oh so well. Joshua switched it up and over to the drum pad which bought energy and movement to the performance. ‘I’m Here’ was a brand spanking new song in which they had never played before live (not that it sounded that way). Technicolor bursts of sounds filled the space. ‘Chills’ provided a dance break and a chorus sing-along, the tune was a perfect showcase of their synchronicity. But the night was leading to one place, their latest single ‘You’ which wasn’t just the final song of the night, but it elevated this duo into Tripe J ‘Unearthed High Finals’. And boy did they kill it (in a good way of course). Amy’s voice stood tall, the lyrics were contemplative and mature. It’s the restraint in the song that’s the beautiful part but when the chorus does arise, we are hit with tiny explosions and a beat dance-worthy.

Add Lastlings to your radar because this brother/sister duo won’t be far from the headlines very soon.

Rating: ★★★★

Lastlings do still have a few shows happening over the next few weeks, which includes a BIGSOUND showcase next Wednesday night at the Flying Cock, and you can also catch them doing a guest appearance with Golden Vessel on Thursday night at the Triple J Unearthed showcase (at Oh Hello), performing this incredible song.

Lastlings - AUS Tour - acid stag

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