Breakin’ Point is the first new music to come from Swedish indie-rock trio Peter Bjorn and John in five years, and it is a feel-good album that uplifts and energises.

With their new album, Peter, Bjorn and John aimed to make pop music that was more relevant. Developing their music from the lighthearted whistling tunes that won the world over with ‘Young Folks’, their new sound has certainly matured with the driving beats and meaningful lyrics of Breakin Point.

The opening track ‘Dominos’ bounces in with a playful tempo, and reminds me somewhat of Spoon…except with bongos. The synth and children’s choir in ‘Love Is What You Want’ gives it an eighties sound that results in something of a cross between Gypsy and the Cat and PNAU.

Going back to traditional rock instruments, ‘Do Si Do’ is steady and sounds a bit like the Beatles. ‘What You Talking About’ is one of my favourite tracks on this album. It’s fast-paced with a catchy chorus, demonstrating their development as a band – building on and growing from their older work. The title-track ‘Breakin’ Point’ is more melancholy but has a wonderful chorus.

The guitar and piano ornamentation in ‘A Long Goodbye’ and ‘In This Town’ make for easy listening and demonstrates the musicality of Peter, Bjorn and John. Exciting guitar solos in ‘It’s Your Call’, singalong lyrics in ‘Between The Lines’ and an electrifying intro in ‘Pretty Dumb, Pretty Lame’ round-out the rest of the album.

Their music follows the formula for great indie rock/pop. Their slower songs aren’t so great, their best music is when they keep it positive. In Breakin Point Peter, Bjorn and John have demonstrated their musical growth in their five year hiatus.

Rating: ★★★☆


Breakin’ Point is available now from the Peter Bjorn and John webstore

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author: Alexandra Milne

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