Californian producer Aash Mehta has something special for us this week and we are very pleased to be giving you all the first listen.

It’s a remix he’s done of the massive Elephante track ‘Closer’, giving the original a euphoric presence with his progressive genre-blending sound & style that will leave you feeling powerful and invigorated – you’ll honestly find it hard to resist going back for seconds

“I had the honour of sharing the stage with Elephante about a month ago in Detroit – and when he dropped this track at the show, I instantly fell in love. When it was officially released, I hit up Phante’s team and they were kind enough to let me put my spin on this bad boy. I like to think of what I did with this remix as “melodic, yet powerful”. I really wanted to bring out the emotion of the vocal and paint a picture for the listener – but also combine it with an energetic drop to keep it perfect for the dance floor.”

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