words by Delia Bartle

Deeply hypnotic beats, lush vocals and a laidback vibe – this is the sound of American newcomers Soma on their debut EP, Honey.

There’s very little info on the duo – only a Facebook page that gives away nothing. Google the name and an intriguing mix of references turns up, from survival horror games to an analysis of Aldous Huxley’s dystopian novel ‘Brave New World’. Soon, a five-track EP titled Honey will be topping that list. Downtempo house mingles with punchy electronica and some mature-content language, but Honey maintains a luscious quality.

The EP opens with the velvety vocals and low-end beats of ‘Colors’, before a spacious vibe emerges from the depths. The EP’s two lead singles – ‘Lost Angels’ and ‘Uncertain’ – picked up a fair bit of hype, with the latter clocking nearly 43k plays on SoundCloud. ‘Uncertain’ overflows with a lush vibe that breaks into a distorted and staggering middle section. Deep beats punch ‘Alone’ forward, as electric guitar snakes its way through a field of sparse percussion. Unfurling from rippling synths, ‘Snowfall/Downpour’ wraps up the EP by delivering a hearty dose of pulsing beats and echoing vocals.

The EP takes after its name – just like honey, it oozes with rich textures and sticky beats.

Rating: ★★★★