words by Delia Bartle

Perth’s KUČKA is definitely an artist worth watching. After releasing her debut EP in 2012, the singer/producer (AKA Laura Jane Lowther) has turned heads nationally and internationally with a series of stellar artist collaborations including Cosmo’s Midnight and A$AP Rocky. She’s recently been featured in the first line-up announcement for the OutsideIn Festival, and is one of only two Australian artists to have been accepted into the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy 2015.

What makes KUČKA a real standout is her ability to continually evolve her sound by finding a balance of vocals and production that is entirely her own. Unconventional is her latest EP; a seven-track mixed bag of ambient beats, spacey synths and breathy vocals. Each track is a venture into KUČKA’s layered world of shifting samples and alluring slow-jam beats, and it’s this diversity that will draw you back to her hypnotising sound.

The title track is a combination of electronic pop and ambient RnB with KUČKA’s trademark lush vocals and pulsing synths. The synths take on an edgy quality in ‘Flux 98’, which also features an eclectic mix of percussion samples and airy echoing vocals. Crisp percussion and gnarly energised synths weave together in ‘Recovery’, sounding ultimately like a spectacular mash-up of Flying Lotus and Todd Terje.

KUČKA’s breathy vocals in the title track hauntingly whisper “I don’t like your style / But you got your own thing”. When it comes to this EP, the opening line couldn’t be further from the truth – we sure do like her style.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Unconventional EP is now available via iTunes or BandCamp, with thanks to Midnight Feature and Inertia.


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