BIGSOUND is returning to Brisbane this September and the organisers have been painstakingly hand-selecting 150 Australian artists to perform at this year’s LIVE showcases; which are to be held over two nights across 15 venues.

Among some of the great Aussie artists on the bill you’ll find JOY, GRRL PAL, PorschesGang of YouthsRainbow ChanBUOY, HartsCharles Murdoch and cln – just to name a very small few

BIGSOUND LIVE 2015 Line-up:
A Breach Of Silence, Angie, Ann Vriend Anthonie Tonnon, Avaberée, Avalanche City, Awaken I Am, BANFF, Ben Abraham, Ben Wright Smith, BUOY, Catlips, Chaos Divine, Charles Murdoch, cln,
Crepes, DARTS, Dorsal Fins, Drawcard, Dumbsaint, Earth Caller, Fait, Fanny Lumsden, Food Court, Fraser A. Gorman, Germein Sisters, Gold Class, Green Buzzard, GRRL PAL, Guards of May, Hadal Maw, Halcyon Drive, Harts, HAU, Hellions, Hey Geronimo, Hockey Dad, Hoodlem, HOWQUA, I Know Leopard, Immigrant Union, In Death…, Jericco, Jill Beth, JOY, Kween G, Le Pie, Life is Better Blonde, Luke Daniel Peacock, Mangelwurzel, Marksman, Lloyd Mathas, Mesa Cosa, Mike Waters, Milwaukee Banks, Mojo Juju, Morning Harvey, Moses Gunn Collective, New Venusians, NGAIIRE, Null, Olympia, Paddy McHugh, Perch Creek, Philly, Planète, Polish Club, Porsches, R.W. Grace, Robbie Miller, Sahara Beck, Set Mo, Sex On Toast, Shining Bird, Shocking Pinks, Skegss Suiix, Tash Sultana, The Belligerents, The Goon Sax, The Lulu Raes, The Ocean Party, The Pretty Littles, The Rumjacks, Tijuana Cartel, Tiki Taane, Tiny Little Houses, Tired Lion, Totally Mild, URTEKK, Us The Band, Wallace Winterbourne, Witchgrinder, Woodes, Woodlock, World Champion, Worldlines, Aldous Harding, All Our Exes Live In Texas, Ali Barter, Astral Skulls, Ayla, Babaganouj, Baro, Ben Salter, Big White, Born Lion, Caitlin Park, Caulfield, City Calm Down, Cosmic Psychos, Donny Benét, Ella Thompson, friendships, Gang of Youths, Gordi Grenadiers, Harvey Sutherland, High Tension, Holy Holy, Jaala, JACK THE STRIPPER, Jesse Davidson, Jonny Telafone, K21,
Katy Steele, Koi Child, Luke Howard, Major Leagues, Methyl Ethel, Moonbase Commander, Muscles, Pearls, Rainbow Chan, RaRa, Slum Sociable, Stonefield, Sui Zhen, Sunbeam Sound Machine, Super Best Friends, Tempura Nights, The John Steel Singers, The Snowdroppers, Tiger Choir, Timberwolf, WAAX, Yukon Blonde

There’s also a huge list of guest speakers that have been enlisted for the BIGSOUND conference this year, including the one and only Peter Garret of Midnight Oil (check out the full speaker list here)

WHERE: Fortitude Valley, Brisbane
WHEN: September 9th to 11th

Here are some of the highlights from BIGSOUND 2014