words by Emma Rose

Barcelona based Bearoid has just released the follow-up to his debut EP Sleep, and with it comes a higher level of sophistication, lyrically and musically.

Bearoid is the musical project of Valencia-born Dani Belenguer, who has reflected on his new EP Dawn at Home by stating that it; “is a dedication to the dawns at his house in La Canyada, where he was born and raised..A moment of mental peace”

The EP certainly reflects a development within Belenguer’s writing style, but despite its deeper, emotional concepts Dawn at Home is filled with fun, electro/indie-dance tracks that are highlighted by Belenguer’s interesting vocals, strong rhythmic beats and bright guitar riffs.

‘Bad Karma’ is definitely the stand out track on the EP, with its rhythmic riffs and catchy melody. The EP is highly influenced by other styles which gives it an interesting flavour however, the overall sound is dance-pop.

A lovely effort.
Rating: ★★★☆

Go grab a copy of the Dawn At Home EP now from Bandcamp.



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