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Mammal Sounds welcomes a new member to their family this week, his name is Max Byrne, he’s from Brisbane Australia, and he is making some damn fine electronic music under the name Golden Vessel.

While Golden Vessel’s sound is still in an early stage of development, it is already at a level of professionalism that many strive to reach after working away at their sound for years. His smooth electronic arrangements of down-tempo beats feature elements of hip-hop, trap and soul, all laced in a pristine lo-fi sheen.

Golden Vessel kicked off 2015 with an incredible new single called ‘Control’, which saw him working with Caleb Hodges from Australian band Art of Sleeping.

Just last week we were treated to his second single for the year, it’s called ‘Borrowed Time’ and it features the stunning vocal/lyric-work of Brisbane singer/songwriter Tiana Khasi (who is known for her work with The Kite String Tangle).

Mammal Sounds and Golden Vessel are already making some big plans for their future, and if you’d like to be kept in the loop on what they are getting up to, go hit them up on the below socials.

https://www.facebook.com/goldenvesselauhttps://soundcloud.com/golden-vessel https://twitter.com/goldenvesselau


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