words by Emma Rose

The long awaited follow up album from Melbourne based Alpine is finally here. The release of their debut album A Is For Alpine which hit #1 on iTunes, put the six-piece on many people’s watch list, including Rolling Stone magazine who labelled Alpine as a “Band to Watch”. Too right they were, as the release of their follow up album Yuck reflects a new sound of sophistication and maturity not yet heard from the band.

Yuck manages to delve into new concepts yet still maintain the same Alpine-sound we’ve come to love. Though sticking to its classic indie pop style, Alpine is pushing pop boundaries through the rhythmic intricacy and superb lyrical work that encompasses the album. On the surface the album is a fun listen highlighted by smooth harmonies, delicate guitar riffs and steady beats, however after more listens the album begins to offer an intricate, confident mash of elaborate rhythms, decorative synths and deep lyrics.

‘Come On’ and ‘Foolish’ reflect the brilliant, messy nature of one’s early 20s, suggested in the album’s title Yuck, which according to vocalist Phoebe Baker “captures that feeling of disdain you have toward yourself when you make a mistake”. Other tracks such as ‘Standing Not Sleeping’ and ‘Jellyfish’ move into a musically and lyrically deeper place.

The album overall is a fantastic listen and an excellent follow up to their debut album. Well worth a listen!

Rating: ★★★★☆

Yuck it out around the globe today through Ivy League Records.

https://www.facebook.com/alpineband | https://soundcloud.com/alpineband https://twitter.com/alpineband

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