‘Ivory’ is the newest single from a 19 year-old producer/vocalist from Sydney who calls herself Violet, she self-describes her music as a “sonic collage”, and with influences like that of Kimbra, Billie Holiday and Portishead, ‘Ivory’ makes for a very interesting, impressive and political listen.

“My latest track ‘Ivory’ was written in response to the naive and careless approach many young Australians have towards the treatment of our Indigenous people. It’s becoming more and more evident that remnants of the white Australia policy still remain, and that discrimination against our Indigenous people is still so relevant in Australia’s current government and society. I want ‘Ivory’ to be a raw and possibly uncomfortable reminder that Australia needs to support and respect its Indigenous people, and stop attempting to remove and displace them again and again” – Violet

Check out Violet‘s previous two release on her Soundcloud and be sure to give her a follow to stay in the loop on her progress.


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