words by Tanya Bonnie Rae

Melbourne’s favourite indietronica, psychedelic-dance quartet Miami Horror, have returned with their second studio album in five years, All Possible Futures, boasting 15-tracks full of feel-good, endless summer vibes, interlaced with elements of old school funk and disco.

The LA-based Aussie band sprung from the solo project of DJ and producer Benjamin Plant, the band’s creator and founder. Josh Moriarty (guitars/vocals), Aaron Shanahan (co-production, guitar/vocals), and Daniel Whitechurch (bass, keyboards, guitars) comprise the remaining members of the four-piece outfit.

All Possible Futures kicks off with ‘American Dream’, a sugary, uplifting dream-like track that provides the perfect introduction into the album. Pastel-coloured deck chairs, cosy romantic evening sunsets, cheesy fruit-inspired cocktails and tanned, leggy bikini-clad-American-Apparel-wearing models seep into mind and suddenly we’re transported back to the 70s. ‘All It Ever Was’ is definitely one of my personal favourites, it creates images of a blissful, untroubled paradise, and not unlike the other 14 tracks, and it’s layered with luxurious, spacious synths that create a modern day take on retro disco jams.

‘Love Like Mine’ and ‘Cellophane (So Cruel)’ are also sparkling little standouts, but the whole album is just undeniably catchy and distractingly cheerful. It’s choc-a-block filled with afternoon jams sure to get you foot-tapping, head-bopping and singing away to the lyrics.

Rating: ★★★★

You can purchase All Possible Futures now through iTunes.

Miami Horror are currently prepping for a 17-date tour across North America which is kicking off in just a few weeks time – check out all of those details here

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