words by Michael Hutchinson

The Brooklyn boys are back!

Great Good Fine Ok are fast cementing themselves as darlings of the indie pop scene. Jon Sandler and Luke Moellman’s new EP 2M2H (an abbreviation of ‘Too Much To Handle’) doesn’t miss a beat, and explodes open with the title track.

With trademark Bee Gees-esque falsetto ‘Without You’ highlights GGFO’s customary driving retro beat, whilst ‘Carried Away’ musically channels Daft Punk’s more soulful side. ‘Something To Believe In’ is a soaring duet with fellow synth band St. Lucia, which fuses tropical house with well-timed saxophone breaks and instantly becomes an anthem.

Not unlike The Bee Gees, this EP will no doubt make you feel like dancing.

Rating: ★★★☆

Great Good Fine Ok‘s 2M2H EP is available now through iTunes.

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