words by Carlos Duarte

If you think that Azealia Banks is the only sassy rapper hurling ravenous, attitude filled bars at the masses, then you, poor soul, must be unfamiliar with Cakes Da Killa. No mind, its time you got acquainted.

Cakes, who’s already made a splash on the scene with three slick mixtapes (Easy Bake Oven, The Eulogy and Hunger Pangs), takes things back to a time when Kimberly Jones and Inga Marchand were tearing up the rap scene with unrivalled bravado and nastiness. With world domination firmly in his sights, Killa’s new track ‘Serve It Up’ takes the slick talking MC to new heights.

Riding the Moonbase Commander produced beat with gusto,Cakes Da Killa lets you know that he’ll block and delete tricks all while flashing his veneers and rocking his Mishka snapback. Braggadocio is nothing new to hip-hop, but Cakes’ voice certainly makes it all sound irresistibly snappy.

One of the few truly interesting figures to emerge in rap, Cakes Da Killa makes the scene take note that he is here to stay, all while being ya man’s wet dream. And yours. And yours. And yes…. Yours too.