words by Corey Brown

They’re the French trio with the Spanish name, and they’re making an impression on the indie-pop scene. Agua Roja’s new self-titled debut EP follows up their 2013 single ‘Summer Ends,’ which also makes an appearance on the new record. It also coincides with the release of the official music video for the single, tying up the whole package they’ve been kind enough to share with us.

Despite the years separating ‘Summer Ends’ from the new material, the entire EP is very cohesive, both in terms of production and style. While we’re talking about production, it should be noted that this assembly of sounds is no hack job; smooth textures, crispy guitars, and an overarching retro aesthetic are stirred masterfully in the mixing bowl to yield this satisfying collation.

‘Summer Ends’ kicks things off with its surf rock vibes, an honest introduction to what Agua Roja are about. A more solemn affair, second track ‘The Motions’ notches down the pace and turns up the feels. ‘Running’ is a highlight with its feel good hook and message. It quietly channels fellow French outfit M83 and their washy guitar subtleties, definitely not something I’d ever deduct points for. Closing proceedings is ‘Let Go’, a role it seems designed for. Its slow progressive nature serves as the records finale, swelling then fading into silence.

All fans of indie music should give this one a spin, and maybe even make it a fixture in your playlist. Keep your ears peeled for this lot.

Rating: ★★★★

Grab your copy of the Agua Roja EP now through iTunes.

https://www.facebook.com/weareaguaroja | https://soundcloud.com/agua-roja https://twitter.com/weareaguaroja

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