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Roman Austin – Church (Rollin’) [New Single]

A few weeks ago we introduced you to a Sacramento native known as Roman Austin, who at the time was sharing his new single ‘Busy Love.’

The man is back with a new tune for us this week, it’s called ‘Church (Rollin’)’ and it’s a lot moodier and emotional than the last one with its slow future-R&B groove, driven by Austin’s soulful/R&B croon.

Grab a free download via the player above and give a few follows via the below.

Indie Delights vol. 9

Amidst the overwhelming amount of electronic music that we receive each week, there are still quite a few great indie-rock tracks that are pushing their way through the electro-cracks.

Indie Delights is a place for showcasing some of these fine, new and old, indie artists. If you’d like to know more about any of the below acts, click through to their associated Soundcloud profiles.

Fictonian – Make it Be Ours


The Yetis – Mysterion


Kassassin Street – To Be Young

Golden Vessel – Control (ft. Caleb Hodges) [New Single]

Max Byrne is a 17 year-old producer from Brisbane who goes by the name Golden Vessel, and today he’s sharing his brand new single ‘Control,’ an exciting new production that features Caleb Hodges of Australian indie-rock crew Art of Sleeping on vocal duties.

Warbling synths, soft pulsing beats and well-placed percussion cradle Caleb Hodges‘ voice exquisitely, resulting in a track that will award Golden Vessel with a world of warranted attention and praise.

promoted by Mammal Sounds 

‘Control’ is available to download for free via Golden Vessel‘s Soundcloud page.

Agua Roja – Self-Titled EP [Review + Stream]

words by Corey Brown

They’re the French trio with the Spanish name, and they’re making an impression on the indie-pop scene. Agua Roja’s new self-titled debut EP follows up their 2013 single ‘Summer Ends,’ which also makes an appearance on the new record. It also coincides with the release of the official music video for the single, tying up the whole package they’ve been kind enough to share with us.

Despite the years separating ‘Summer Ends’ from the new material, the entire EP is very cohesive, both in terms of production and style. While we’re talking about production, it should be noted that this assembly of sounds is no hack job; smooth textures, crispy guitars, and an overarching retro aesthetic are stirred masterfully in the mixing bowl to yield this satisfying collation.

‘Summer Ends’ kicks things off with its surf rock vibes, an honest introduction to what Agua Roja are about. A more solemn affair, second track ‘The Motions’ notches down the pace and turns up the feels. ‘Running’ is a highlight with its feel good hook and message. It quietly channels fellow French outfit M83 and their washy guitar subtleties, definitely not something I’d ever deduct points for. Closing proceedings is ‘Let Go’, a role it seems designed for. Its slow progressive nature serves as the records finale, swelling then fading into silence.

All fans of indie music should give this one a spin, and maybe even make it a fixture in your playlist. Keep your ears peeled for this lot.

Rating: ★★★★

Grab your copy of the Agua Roja EP now through iTunes. |

Gallant – Open Up [New Single]

R&B-slinger Gallant has a new track for us this week called ‘Open Up,’ a beautifully sung, soulful slinker that is sure to impress and award the man with a legion of new followers. His voice is quite impressive, it lays reminiscent to a mixture of Vincent Coleman and Sam Smith.

‘Open Up’ is the first taste of Gallant’s upcoming EP, which is due for release over the coming months, but until then familiarise yourself with his 2014 EP, Zebra

Darius – Helios (ft. Wayne Snow) [New Music]

One of France’s finest young talents is a producer going by the name Darius, who is today sharing the title-track to his forthcoming EP, Helios.

Featuring the echoing vocals of Berlin muso Wayne Snow, ‘Helios’ has a smooth, chilled, soulful groove that raises certain expectations for this new EP from Darius. I certainly look forward to hearing more of its tunes.

Helios will be out on April 20 through Roche Musique.

Moullinex – Take A Chance [New Single]

Oh hell yeah, new music from Moullinex!

The Portuguese disco-pop pioneer has announced he has a new album on the way called Elsewhere and this track ‘Take A Chance’ is its first delicious taste.

Elsewhere is out on May 19 through Discotexas and !K7 Records.

Tanlines – Invisible Ways [New Single]

New York City duo Tanlines recently announced they are releasing a new album fairly soon called Highlights, and shared its first single ‘Slipping Away,’ which I wasn’t vibing on all that much.

Today they have dropped the next track from the forthcomer and it is much more to my liking. It’s called ‘Invisible Ways’ and while it is still a long way from the electro-pop sound of the first Tanlines album, it’s got a chilled melancholy vibe that is comforting and subduing.

The new Tanlines album will be available on May 19 through Matador Records. Get your pre-orders in now from iTunes.


WARHOLA – Unravel [New Music]

‘Unravel’ is the debut single from a Belgian five-piece who go by the name WARHOLA, yet another new project making their way into the global electronic scene in a real big way.

The track features a flickering percussion wrapped in a strong electronic beat, while the moody wonderfulness of its vocals captivate and drive ‘Unravel’ with an effortless ease.

Hit up the links below to be kept in on WARHOLA.

MYAMI – Soldier (prod. by Wayfarer//) [New Music]

A Melbourne Newcomer who calls herself MYAMI has released a dynamite debut single called ‘Soldier,’ an impressive new offering that owes its production to fellow Melbanian, Wayfarer//.

A strong formal electronic beat drives this track well as MYAMI‘s catchy vocal harmonies obey, overlay and define the song from beginning to end, making this a great introduction to her electro-pop style and sound.

It’s really great to see Aussie females working their way into the electronic music scene.

Rod Ladgrove – Lift [New Single]

‘Lift’ is an ultra-lush, daydreaming new single from an Aussie muso called Rod Ladgrove, a track that’s being given away for free to show his appreciation for the worldwide support on his recent single, ‘India.’

In all honestly I think ‘Lift’ is a much better demonstration of the skills this newcomer possesses, and I am glad to have it in my day.

Here is the previous single ‘India’ which some of you will either recognise or will appreciate the introduction.


A-L-X – Pieces Of Me [New Music]

23 year-old Scottish singer/songwriter known only as A-L-X has been turning quite a few heads over the last few months with his soulful R&B recordings, drawing comparisons to the likes of Frank Ocean and The Weeknd.

A-L-X shared another new track last week which I personally think is his best one yet. It’s a dark and moody, R&B-flavoured production called ‘Pieces Of Me’ and it is the next to fall from his forthcoming debut EP, Timebomb.

Here’s another track from the EP for you to check out. It was released a few weeks ago, it’s called ‘Tried Love’ and it will leave you in a much more positive mood.

Timebomb EP will be out in April.

Jamie xx – Gosh & Loud Places [New Tunes]

Jamie xx has announced he’ll be releasing his debut album next month, it will be titled In Colour and ‘Gosh’ is its opening track.

The 11-track record will also include previous singles ‘Girl’ and ‘Sleep Sound,’ as well the below track ‘Loud Places,’ which features vocals from The xx‘s, Romy Madley Croft. Here is its Simon Halsall and Jean-Baptiste Fugger directed video.

In Colour  will see its release on May 29 through Young Turks & Remote Control Records.

Pre-order your copy now from iTunes.


Non-MixTape Mixes Volume 67

Each week we collect a stack of great remixes from all around the world that simply wouldn’t work in a Friday MixTape, but they are still 100% worthy of a mention and your attention.

So we have the Non-MixTape Mixes set up to showcase some of these great finds.

Press play on each of the below and give them all the time they deserve. If you want to know more about any of the remixers or the remixees, click through to the Soundcloud profiles that each of the tracks are linked to.

CVIRO & GXNXVS – Benjamins (Indian Summer Remix)

Joywave – Tongues (Eyedress Remix)

Yates – Mako (Tommy Pax Flip)

Kazy Lambist – Doing Yoga (Palm Beach Remix)

Seekae – The Worry (Henrik Schwarz Remix)

Free n Losh – I Love You So [New Single]

‘I Love You So’ is the new track from Canadian producers Lee Freedman and Myles Schwartz, aka Free n Losh, a swirling new recording with a manipulated vocal stem at its centre, floating in the twinkle of electronic harp sounds and a bouncy electronic beat.

Cop a free download of that one right through here.