Satin Jackets – ‘First Thing’ (feat. Tailor) jackLNDN – Patterns (lp) Acid Stag Radio Jbox – ‘The Way I Live a Life’ 44 Ardent – intothedeep (ep) Mall Grab – What I Breathe (LP)

Since November, New York City lo-fi 80’s fuzz producer Mirror Kisses has been steadily sharing some great new tracks he’s been working on, and today it is time for his next instalment, a track that he says is his favourite out of all the new material.

It’s called ‘Never Late Again’ and it is 1 of 22 tracks being released on the Moodgadget Records 10th year anniversary compilation album Dynamo.

Mirror Kisses is a generous man and likes to share. Grab a free download via the button above.

Facebook.com/MirrorKisses | SoundCloud.com/MirrorKisses Twitter.com/MirrorKissesVA

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