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Chores - Telling Lies (ft. Boswell) [New Single] - acid stag

New Zealand dance-dup Chores drop their debut original single and it has definitely been worth the wait

Friday MixTape 252

HIGH VOLTAGE: don’t touch, just dance

Friday Mixtape 240

Just let the music take you

Friday MixTape #221 - acid stag

Let’s all be smooth and groove

Friday MixTape 218

The picture says it all really

Friday MixTape 214 - acid stag

I always choose treat..

Friday MixTape 198 - acid stag

No fillers, all killers.

Maxi - Walking With The Animals [Music Video] - acid stag

Maxi tells the tale of a confused cross-dressing youngster

Friday MixTape 186

Here’s your weekend aphrodisiac. You’re welcome!

Friday MixTape 180

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Can we make out now please?

Friday MixTape #175

Have a wicked New Year’s Eve everyone – don’t do anything we wouldn’t do!

Friday MixTape 169 _ Jeff McCann

FACT: by the time this MixTape has ended, you will have thought about sex 626 times.