New Zealand duo Chores are coming back to use this week with a lush dance-house treat called ‘Let Go’ which features the golden vocal sounds of upcoming Australian artist Elaskia.

This is one of those songs that exudes a warm and uplifting presence, and as Chores reveal below, it also comes with a positive message of self-confidence, and not being afraid to try your best at whatever you set your mind to. Elaskia also shares her insight into the positive experience she had working with Chores throughout the song-writing process.

“This song is about getting a second chance at something; feeling like you didn’t give something your all because you’re scared to fail is definitely not as bad as the feeling of regret when you don’t. That’s what this song focuses on – not holding anything back anymore and not being afraid of what the outcome is.” – Chores

“Writing and making this song with Chores has been super fun, bouncing ideas back and forth and seeing how far it’s come since the original track they sent. It’s been really cool to be able to bring this project to life and I’m stoked I can be a part of that.” – Elaskia

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Out now via: Chores
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