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Posted on by: acid stag

Happy Mardi Gras Weekend Sydney!!

Midnight Pool Party have just dropped a brand new tune, and I think I’m in love!

Passerine give us another peek at their forthcoming ep with the gorgeous sounds of ‘Undergrowth’

Excite your ears with the latest single from Canadian duo Haute

(by Luna Reese)

Passerine’s latest release gets the remix treatment from OK Sure and Super Magic Hats

Passerine explore feelings of anxiety in what may be their best release so far

The saucy new single from Eli Escobar is calling you disco/house fans to the dancefloor

(words by Carlos Duarte)

In a soulful fusion of electro, funk and disco, ‘Sweet Addiction’ heralds the return of Yuksek in a stunning five track EP (★★★★)

Aussie trio Passerine give us a brand new electro-groove tune

Ampro & Kayboku remix the new collab track from Rachel By The Stream and Men Imitating Machines

Mammal Sounds welcomes Melbourne singer/songwriter Benji Lewis to its little family

Annabel Jones is sending out some major happy vibes today

Rachel By The Stream & Men Imitating Machines take us deeper into their colourful imaginary world

Pat Lok always delivers the goods – it’s pure science

Rachel By The Stream & Men Imitating Machines take us on a playful romp through their electro dance-pop sounds