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Riding off the back of accomplishments spanning television, cinema and stage writing, Yuksek has brought eager fans a new five-track EP, showcasing a soulful fusion of electro-disco-funk that is mature and diverse.

The title track ‘Sweet Addiction’ was stuck in my head for days after listening. I love this track for its tropical marimbas, groovy beats and expressive vocals. The soft murmuring of Monika in ‘Make it Easy’ are breathy and enticing. ‘Golden Age’ starts off slowly with a smooth intro. All of the song’s elements are brought in gradually, gently building up in speed and pitch to a powerful climax.

‘Make It Happen’ breaks it down. Mellowing out with a fuller sound that’s heavy with emotion. ‘Switch Addiction’ finishes off the EP with spaced out, experimental sounds.

The pacing beat, popping bass and easy rhythms that characterise Sweet Addiction make for easy listening. Sweet Addiction was released on the 17th of June through Yukesk’s Partyfine Records.

Rating: ★★★★

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author: Alexandra Milne

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