Recently we were treated to a great new track called ‘White Shadows & Grey Noise’ by a trio out of Melbourne who go by the name Passerine, and this week they have returned with two very impressive remixes by two very talented Australian artists, OK Sure and Super Magic Hats.

“We met OK Sure through Melbourne’s electronic music scene and loved her dark, brooding style. We were keen to collaborate in some way and being that she was putting out prolific remixes we were excited to hear what she would bring to a Passerine song.” – Passerine

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“We’ve actually been mates with Super Magic Hats for a few years now – he actually did a remix for us a while back, but its release was held up. One day we’ll unleash it…one day. Anyway, we were keen to hear what he’d do with this track and thought his light, sparkly ‘anime house’ touch would be a great contrast to the other remix, which it is.” – Passerine

‘White Shadows and Grey Noise’ is available now from iTunes or Spotify, but before you go anywhere let’s revisit the very excellent original.

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