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Step into the world of infectious disco-driven, funk inspired, electro-powered sounds of French Horn Rebellion

featuring: The Legends, Eli Way, argonaut&wasp, Luk and Athlete Whippet

Can’t. Stop. Listening to this new ep from NYC dance-rock crew argonaut&wasp

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Here’s a collection of some of the best music videos released this week

Get psyched for the weekend with this new electro-funk jam from French Horn Rebellion

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featuring: The Rolling Stones, Billy Idol, Drake, Coldplay and Prince

covered by: argonaut&wasp, Civil Twilight, Le Malls, Travis Garland and Alexis Taylor

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featuring: argonaut&wasp, Kazy Lambist, FLUSH, Save The Princess! and Mordisco

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featuring: Ursa Major, Philco Fiction, Tender, argonaut&wasp and SUMif

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featuring: cln, Shamir, Wolf Tide, colourspacecolour, Kid Astray, Hopium, The Chemical Brothers, James Curd, Giorgio Moroder & Sia

If you’re a funk or disco lover, keep summer going with argonaut&wasp’s debut EP

– ★★★ Jacqui Wonder

The super smooth, slow-funk grooves of argonaut&wasp easily warrant your appreciation

From the wintery surrounds of Vermont, argonaut&wasp have nailed the summery feels with their latest single

author: Jacqui Wonder