Bali/Australia based artist and producer narou serves up an enlightening blend of ambient/electronic with his brand new single ‘Miss That Feeling’, an atmospheric blend of tranquility and the slightest amount of groove to ensure those laid-back feelings are maintained in the core of the release.

Evoking echoes of Shallou, ‘Miss That Feeling’ enters with a gentle approach to its composition with a subtle percussive presence that works in tandem alongside the gentle vocals that sets the lightness in tact right. Once we progress into the chorus, we see a slight shift in intensity with the synth bass making its presence felt amongst the uplifting groove in the percussion that in turn with the wobbling synths sets up those day party vibes no matter where you’re listening from.

‘Even when they’re far away, you still ache to reconnect, to fill that gap their absence leaves behind. “Miss that feeling” just hits you hard, making you crave the happiness and fulfilment you once shared. It’s not just about missing a person; it’s about missing a whole vibe, a whole time and place’ – narou

out now via: LUSTRE
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