Justice aren’t wasting any time with this new album roll-out. They’re giving us teaser #4 today which is titled ‘Saturnine’ and it features the unmistakable falsetto of Los Angeles artist Miguel, and just as they reveal below, even they don’t think they’ve created anything quite like this before…

“We don’t think we’ve ever made anything that sounds remotely like this track before. It started with Gaspard playing around with an E-mu synthesizer guitar sound, and he found the main riff. The rest came very quickly. We love Miguel’s voice when it’s raw. We wanted him to sound outrageously frontal, with no space around his voice. We felt confident we could make this work with a single mono take of his voice, and minimal processing. It also suited the theme of the song, that’s this sort of fear and loathing in Las Vegas sweaty, hallucinatory flow. Feeling well in feeling bad.” ~ Justice 

The band have also just unveiled the track list for the impending “Hyperdrama” album (which you can presave here), revealing an additional collaboration with Tame Impala, as well as songs with ThundercatMiguelThe FlintsRimon, and Connan Mockasin.

Track List:
1. Neverender
2. Generator
3. Afterimage
4. One Night/All Night
5. Dear Alan
6. Incognito
7. Mannequin Love
8. Moonlight Rendez-Vous
9. Explorer
10. Muscle Memory
11. Harpy Dream
12. Saturnine
13. The End

out now via: Ed Banger Records / Because Music / Virgin Music Group
artist connect: https://justice.church

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