UK producer ENiGMA Dubz has just released the next instalment in his compilation series with “Mixtape 2: #Vibes” which is a very nice 10-track collection of music that has him exploring elements of garage, breaks and melodic bass sounds, resulting in a euphoric, melodic and emotional journey that has all of the vibes.

“Writing vibey music is where I can fully escape into a world of my own. My music is very emotionally driven, so this mixtape is there to take listeners deep into my creative headspace and the feelings within. As the second instalment in the mixtape series, #Vibes is an important step in the journey from #Heaters. I love writing music that tears up systems and tears up faces when it hits, but equally showing this more emotive side of my soul is somewhere I regularly like to go – and in many ways is even more rewarding. Here are 7 fresh tracks + edits, taking you on a journey of melodic bass music – from future garage, breakbeat, electronica, trap and melodic dubstep. First you got served up the heat, now it’s time to get lost in the vibes.” ~ ENiGMA Dubz 

out now via: Morii Records
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