I spend many hours with Tora’s catalogue emanating from my speakers. There’s just something about their general sound, style and vibe that just gets me every time, and the journey is always so enjoyable.

I am very happy to discover they have some new music on the way and this week they are giving us the first taste of what we can expect with this awesome new single called ‘Jigglypuff’, which was also co-written/produced with one of the band’s original founding members Tobi Tunis, who played an integral part in creating the Tora sound that we all love so dearly.  

“This has been a long time coming, first official Tora release in 2.5 years, the longest we’ve ever gone without releasing music since we began 11 years ago. We took a hiatus, we took our sweet time, we wanted to make sure we brought a fresh energy to this next chapter, we are grateful for all of your patience through this time, thanks for bearing with us. We were lucky to have our best friend and former band mate Tobi Tunis help out with production and writing this song, so it has that Tobi quirk that many of us love, absolutely honored to have his help after many years apart. We hope you enjoy the first of many to come. ~ Tora

out now via: Tora
artist connect: https://www.toramusic.com.au

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