Montreal-based producer borne continues to bring the heat this year with a scorching hot new EP titled ‘Deep End’, a powerful five-track release filled with cross-genre influence that encompasses plenty of power and drive within its journey.

With elements of UK Garage, bassline and house on display throughout the track list, borne unearths all the tricks in his artillery with a significant amount of depth in production ensuring the highest quality output that in turn pours out nothing but high octane energy through your speakers. With a darkened colour palate being explored through deepened foundations in the rhythm section, the energetic nature of these tracks is further heightened with those blistering synths that tear through the mix with pure force.

“Art is a journey, and sometimes you have to dive headfirst into the deep end to discover the hidden treasures of creativity.”—borne 

out now via: Night Mode
artist connect: Twitter | Instagram

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