Fresh off performing as part of the inaugural SXSW Sydney, West London artist KiLLOWEN continues to amass global acclaim for his free-flowing melodies with the release of the much-anticipated debut EP ‘Pub Therapy’, a nine-track release with charismatic melodies and luscious instrumentation that hooks you in immediately.

With a garage-styled influence held in the core of the soundscapes on offer, KiLLOWEN pushes the boundaries of conventional music with a very experimental style of composition within each individual track within the project. KiLLOWEN commands your attention with his powerful vocals standing tall amongst the impressive accompanying instrumentation that work in tandem for an epic ride that delves deep into an interpersonal journey that strikes a chord with all within its path.

out now via: Trakk Records
artist connect: InstagramTikTokSpotifyYouTube

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