Australian artist Benji Lewis has teamed up with London producer Sonnee for an incredibly wonderful single called ‘Feel This (How Long Will I)’ which is giving us all of the nostalgic summertime feels with its warm atmospheric percussions, smooth pulsing beats and Benji’s pristine vocal sounds. It’s also just a small taste of Sonnee’s upcoming “Chalk” ep which is set for release in October.  

“Feel this is probably the most reflective track from the EP, the track explores the feelings of long distance, but directly in terms of friends and family. Moving to London on my own knowing literally no people was one of the best decisions but I’ve definitely had times where I realised how far the people I care about the most are and hard feeling they are living their lives together without you there.” ~ Sonnee

out now via: Attack Decay Sweat Release

Sonnee: Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram | Twitter | TikTok
Benji Lewis: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram | TikTok

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