Northern NSW-based musician Lars Night returns to our hearts with a smashing display of electronic/pop with her brand new single ‘Be Some God’, a retrospective track delving into a journey of self-discovery and hindsight all to the tune of a glistening soundscape.

Produced by Brannon Hughes (Lemonade Baby), ‘Be Some God’ comes in red hot with a smashing mix filled with swirling pads and synths that sets the scene for Night’s stunning vocals that meld into the accompanying instrumentation with absolute ease. With an uplifting groove held in the percussion, ‘Be Some God’ gives listeners the perfect platform to get their dance moves going as well as contemplate through the relatability of the lyricism.

‘This song is about putting someone on a pedestal for the wrong reasons, then coming to your senses’ – Lars Night

out now via: Lars Night
artist connect: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud

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