This week’s HUMP DAY MIX comes from Sydney producer ZUSO who has delivered an 18-track collection of songs that have a really nice journey feel to them – just perfect for your summertime road-trip!

“I wanted to make this fun but also still have a nice chilled ZUSO vibe to it. It’s a mixture of a bunch of tracks that I’ve been enjoying lately and has a nice journey-full feel to it as well. There’s a few IDs in there as well which I’m pretty excited about which will be getting released over the next few weeks so keep an eye out. Overall, I hope it’s something you all enjoy and can chill out to.” ~ ZUSO

ZUSO will be giving us a brand-new single on October 13th called ‘Hold Me’ which he is releasing via Sydney label/collective LOVE CLVB (presave here), and you will get a sneaky preview of that one in today’s mix as well…

This is another upcoming artist we all need to keep a close eye on!  


1. Tourist – Your love
2. Mild Minds – It Won’t Do (MAFRO remix)
3. Mindchatter – Young Folks
4. Pretty Girl – All Good (Jasper Tynger Remix)
5. Mall Grab – Foxes
6. Duskus – My Heart
7. ZUSO – ID
8. Daphini – Cloudy (Kelbin Remix)
9. Dj Boring – Gardenia
10. Jai Piccone – The Only One
11. TIBASKO – Hawt (Willo Remix)
12. Pretty Girl – Arc
13. Dj Boring – Beautiful Strangers
14. Dejector – These Days
15. SD Gloria – Into U
16. Wes Mills – Nintendo 64
17. Dj Seinfeld – Now You Do
18. ZUSO – ID

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