Denver-based, electro-soul artist Maddy O’Neal returns with a lively and energetic blend of cross-genre bliss with the release of her new EP ‘Mind Over Matter’, an offering providing various blends of colour and drive throughout its duration that has something for just about everybody. 

Featuring previous releases in ‘Free Yourself’ and ‘Bliss’, ‘Mind Over Matter’ sees O’Neal continue to display her cross-genre best with an array of production skills and polish on display throughout the journey of the track listing that keeps the listeners highly engaged and locked in for the long haul. O’Neal delivers an eclectic range of colour and power across the various mixes compiled in ‘Mind Over Matter’, which ultimately showcases her adaptability as an artist and a producer with an ever-growing skillset that has no signs of slowing down.

This EP marks a new chapter…an era of freedom. I’ve been through so many artistic phases, and something just clicked when writing my last record. I feel like I satisfied so many different parts of my brain, and since then I’ve been feeling this sense of endless possibility in my musical exploration. Mind Over Matter represents this belief that you are completely in control of your reality. Each of these songs describe an instance, feeling or ideal of when you are in control and in sync with yourself. Musically and lyrically this EP represents an era  where my expression is free and internal foundation is solid.” – Maddy O’Neal

out now via: Maddy O’Neal
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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