UK house producer Biscits combines forces with London singer-songwriter and producer Camden Cox for a thick and thumping release titled ‘365’, which we see as the perfect way to start your week with plenty of energy and vigour with its robust nature.

‘365’ lures you in with its hypnotising nature courtesy of the rising instrumentation intertwining with that addictive and catchy vocals that swirl around in the initial stages and in your head right before the energy punches through the mix and hits you with its ferocity. Biscits ensures a high-octane energy throughout the tracks duration with a thumping four to the floor beat and booming bass that works in tandem with Cox’s catchy vocals to lock in your attention.

“I had some time off of touring back in March, and after ages of trying we managed to get in a room [together] with Camden,” says Biscits. “It was totally worth the wait—I think she came up with the vocal hook in the space of about 30 minutes. I think we were joking about the thought of partying for 365 days solid and how intense it would be… I wouldn’t last a single night myself, to be fair!”

out now via: Insomniac Records
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