UK producer CHANEY continues to build on what has been a mammoth year to date with the release of his brand new single ‘Strong’, and as the name suggests this offering provides us with a powerful and euphoric soundscape that you can’t help but want to be fully immersed in.

‘Strong’ demands your attention with its upfront approach to its production, with striking pianos and synths creating a thick wall of sound amongst the uplifting percussion and bass foundations which ultimately deliver a sturdy podium for all to enjoy in whichever way we see fit. CHANEY pulls the intensity and drive back and forth within the duration of the release, all while the hypnotic vocals soaring to astronomical heights that adds that final layer on top of the defying mix at hand.

“I was working with a particular acapella at the time, though it wouldn’t work with other projects I was working on. So, I chucked it into a sampler, slicing up some of my favourite lyrics and phrases that spoke to me, and, soon enough, everything started to make sense. It felt like a melting pot of all my sounds. The only thing missing was a ‘90s-esque piano part that eventually helped join all the dots together. It’s a record that’ll hopefully induce a few tears in the rave, arms in the air, and hopefully lose yourself.” – CHANEY

out now via: Insomniac Records
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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