London-born, Melbourne-brewed electronic duo Abroad bring forth a brand new track filled with optimism and wonder with ‘Our Love’, a bright and vivacious single filled with electronic bliss and uplifting melodies that depict a romantic journey of a flourishing relationship within its infancy stages.

With a plethora of synth depth within the soundscape, Abroad achieve this vastness in the mix with an atmospheric element to their composition that provides a spaciousness for all listeners to feel at home within. ‘Our Love’ strikes a chord with all within its path through an addictive and appealing groove that blends into the instrumentation on offer and accentuates the positivity and gentleness of the release perfectly. 

“Our love as a title is optimistic, as the song itself is really about the romance before a relationship. Meeting someone so incredible that they wash over you with an energy you’ve not felt before. I wanted to try and capture that kind of emotion throughout the instrumentation, including the end with its darker intensity – because this period in a relationship can be fraught with the anxiety of unrequited love.” – Abroad

out now via: TH3RD BRAIN
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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