Earlier this year 1tbsp gave us an ep titled “It’s Very Loud” which featured some very impressive songs like ‘Four Tet Is My Godmother’ and ‘No Nein (feat. Mietze Conte)’, and I still have that ep on high-rotation, it’s just soooooo good! 

1tbsp is coming back to us this week with news of a whole new album coming our way in August, and along with that news also comes its first preview with new single ‘Sleeves Touch My Elbows’ which features a vocal sample from a song called ‘Gran remera’ by Argentinian project Mora y los metegoles, and I gotta say, this shit is next level…

“I came across a song called Gran Remera by Mora Y Los Metegoles from someone’s instagram story and I decided to check it out. I was blown away by how amazing it was and by the fact that the vocals were solo’d in the last 15 seconds of the song. I started working on it while I was in Vienna around New Year’s this year in my friend’s studio. I wanted to make something high energy and dense, and I found those vocals sat perfectly over some chords I had created the day before. I recently reached out to Mora and she was kind enough to let me sample and work with me on releasing this song.

I really love the sentiment of what Mora is singing about, how wearing a favourite shirt can really put you at ease & make your day feel less overwhelming, and I wanted to reference the lyrics with the song title to our song.” ~ 1tbsp

out now via: sumoclic
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