Pan-African artist collective Obi Sanaa have a new single to share with us this week called ‘Walking on Water’ which features the gorgeous voice of Kenyan songstress Sofiya Nzau, and it also comes with a groundbreaking music video that has been generated entirely using AI technology (via Michael O’Connell).  

“We wanted to push the boundaries of what’s possible with music videos. By using AI, we were able to bring our vision of Africa to life in a mind-bendingly beautiful way which was also quite emotional for us. ‘Walking on Water’ ended up being not just a song, but an experience highlighting the collaboration in visual format between South Africa and Kenya, and ended up being a kind of artistic love poem to Africa that was thankfully very much in line with our concept and name.” ~ Obi Sanaa

out now via: soWHAT Records
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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