NYC producer &friends teams up once again with frequent collaborator Oluwadamvic to deliver a direct and emphatic message of carrying love and kindness throughout our day to day lives with the release of ‘Love Is The Way’, a upbeat and joyous offering that utilises addictive afro-beat influence in the backdrop all while the resounding electronic instrumentation carries forth some significant strength in the mix.

&friends manipulates the soundscape of ‘Love Is The Way’ to ride a wave of emotions that truly tug at all of our emotions, pulling back and forth in intensity as we progress from the minimalistic instrumentation in the earlier stages that provides plenty of room for Oluwadamvic‘s commanding vocals to stand tall in carrying the emotional context all while the narrative builds further through the subtle electronic influence peaking through the uplifting percussion on offer. Once we enter the chorus, we enter the dance floor with an explosion of sound and vibrancy created that gives the release the emotional climax it well and truly deserves.

“Love is the only way to move forward as humans, and the more love we show to others, the more love we feel for ourselves. This track, to me, means letting love lead in all ways, setting aside our differences and the fact that we might have hurt one another, but what is the point of dwelling in the past when we can make things right by acting now?  Love is the only way to do that.” – Oluwadamvic

out now via: Hidden Hands
artist connect: Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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